Typically, there is a 3-7 day period of processing your order and of course, creating it! We will inform you if there are any delays (in the event of low supplies or a surge of orders).

We ship via USPS.

Please note:

-Some products are weather sensitive, so please be on the look out for your package so it is not unnecessarily exposed to heat/cold!

-We are not responsible for paying customs fees if your order is being held.

-I CAN NO LONGER SHIP TO ITALY! I wholeheartedly apologize, but 90% of orders sent to Italy never reach their destination! So sorry about that! I wish it wasn't so!


Please order in a time appropriate manner! No longer than a month before gift giving (for soap!). If left out, soap will exhibit normal signs of aging: warping, sweating, loss of fragrance and color, etc. Soaps with high vanilla content will naturally darken over time. We make a point not to use any harsh preservatives or color stabilizers, so please keep that in mind!

Please use soaps within 3 months of purchase! And keep them wrapped as air-tight as possible before opening. When in use place them on a slotted soap dish so they don't retain moisture.

Also, if you are sexist, homophobic, transphobic, a racist, a rape apologist or any other form of evil, please be forewarned: if you ever come in contact with my soap, it will turn to ashes in your hands. So many ashes. Too many ashes for 5.6 ounces of soap, and as you try to comprehend the dark magic that is unfolding before you, a bitter wind will blow and they will cloud your eyes. You will claw at your face until you realize it is futile. You are blind. Blind to all worldly things, your only visions will be that of the Nine Circles. A prophetic nightmare, too unreal to comprehend but you know with certainty you are witnessing your damned fate. Each second will seem an eternity, and with every blink you will live out a fresh new Hell; you will chase your former life on a never-ending shore, wasps and all manner of filth will pursue you whilst maggots feast on your sweat and tears and so much blood, Minos embraces you and you are caught in a wind so strong it steals the breath from your lungs and you will find no safe footing. And you will lose count of the days, your flesh will heal only to be torn anew by the river of boiling blood and fire. But one day, when a millennia of torment passes, you will awake in your own bed, the memory of a thousand horrors fresh behind your eyelids. You will stumble to your computer and turn to the Bath Sabbath website looking for answers, a confirmation of your countless miseries, a tiny spark of hope, a chance to repair the tattered shreds of your life... You will plead and I will whisper, "No returns on bath & body products. It's unsanitary."


In the unfortunate incident that your item is damaged, please contact us immediately! Due to hygienic reasons, and the nature of our bath and beauty products, we are not able to accept returns on opened or used items. However, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your item. You will be responsible for return shipping if applicable, and once the item is returned unopened, unused, and in original packaging, we can issue a refund (subtracting listing fees and not including shipping) on the original item price, or an item replacement. We will not provide refunds or exchanges after 7 days!

If you choose to cancel a custom order before shipment, your money will be partially refunded, however we will subtract the cost of used supplies, labor, and listing fees, depending on how far along we are in production.

Please be aware of your allergies and sensitivities before ordering. I can usually substitute ingredients to work around nut allergies! And always feel free to ask us any questions about our ingredients! If you feel unsure about a certain scent and its chemistry with your own skin, we suggest trying out our samples before buying a larger purchase, because we cannot accept returns on opened perfume, oils or soaps. Please note, a certain scent will smell different in a soap, than in perfume form, and different from the bottle than it will on your skin!

Most importantly, we promise we will do our absolute best to make you happy! Do not hesitate to contact us ever! We want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience!


For wholesale inquiries, please use the contact form, or email us at We would be happy to send you a PDF of our seasonal catalog!



Last Updated April 4th, 2017