Bath Sabbath is Virginia and Brian!

      First off, we consider the bath tub sacred ground. It's the place you go to get clean, wash away the stress of the day, or get ready to start a new one. You can go there to cry, or read, or come up with your next big idea. It's a magical place that deserves respect. And we all know you're pretending to be a rock star while you're in there, we figure we're just here to help you complete the transformation. We think it's a noble goal to strive to be the person you are in the bath tub. But like, not least not all the time.

     Bath Sabbath began in 2012 as Virginia's graduation project at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Shr combined her Heavy Metal-inspired illustration and portraiture with her hobby of soap making, and the rest fell into place! We've been making soap and bath goods for over 7 years now, searching for gentler and more aesthetically pleasing alternatives to commercial brands. Everything at Bath Sabbath is handmade in small batches, always using phthalate, paraben, nitro-musk, sulfate, and cruelty-free ingredients.

    We have a sincere passion for Heavy Metal, making soap, and meeting people. This shop has given us the opportunity to combine all three and we're eternally grateful. We look forward to doing more in the years to come!